The winning roster in the DraftKings $17.5M Mini 80th Special came from team Powermoves. They topped all 257,352 entries with 222.62 points, capped by a late game-winning touchdown from Jameis Winston to Chris Godwin that put Powermoves over the top. They walked away with a tidy $200,000! Not bad for an eight-dollar investment. Here’s the winning lineup:



Powermoves went with a 49ers and Saints-Bucs game stack. Week 17 is about incentives, and the 49ers were looking to end their season on a high note against a resting Rams team, while the Saints and Bucs game looked like it could be a shootout. Let’s see how things played out.

QB Jameis Winston and WR Chris Godwin

Powermoves gambled a bit here on two Bucs, the only players on his team that didn’t necessarily need a win. The move failed… until the final ten seconds. Winston had 363 yards in a nice matchup but threw three picks and didn’t find the end zone until the final Bucs play with a 39-yard strike to Godwin. That capped a huge game for Godwin, owned by only 0.3% of owners and at a bargain $4000 price. That play also put Godwin over 100 yards and was followed by a two-point conversion for Winston.

WR Michael Thomas and FLEX Alvin Kamara

Powermoves invested a lot in New Orleans and was saved by Kamara’s Saints-record kick return touchdown. That pushed Kamara over 30 for another big day. The $7700 investment in Thomas wasn’t a flop but came out a bit disappointing with 15.4 points.

RB Carlos Hyde, TE George Kittle, and DST 49ers

The 49ers came through and pushed Powermoves ahead with solid games from three players on low ownership. Hyde had 100 combined yards and two scores, and Kittle’s first 100-yard game of his career was a huge bargain at $2800. The Niners defense held the Rams to 13 points, and that helped them score 11, a decent return. Hyde was a recommended upside play right here at Fantasy Football Calculator.

RB Dion Lewis and WR Keenan Allen

Sometimes it’s just important to not outthink yourself. Not every lineup decision needs to be contrarian. Powermoves invested most of their budget on three teams but stuck with popular Lewis and Allen plays, their two highest draft percentage plays. Both were hot down the stretch, and both were playing in playoff-relevant games their teams badly needed. The duo came through for over 68 points. Lewis scored two touchdowns and had 133 yards combined. Allen had the same number of yards and also found the end zone twice, thanks in part to a wildly fluky play where he recovered an offensive fumble on the fly and ran it in for a touchdown. Lewis and Allen were two of the highest scorers of the week, and sticking with them made sure Powermoves didn’t fall behind their competition. Allen was one of our top recommendations and a great pivot off of Julio Jones.

Final Analysis

Powermoves stayed away from the popular Washington Redskins stack with players like Kirk Cousins and Josh Doctson, both recommended value plays against a Giants team that was supposed to lose. They also stayed away from our T.Y. Hilton pick, a bust with the second highest ownership this week at 32%. Instead Powermoves rode the hot Lewis and Allen, added a trio of 49ers against a Rams team resting for the playoffs, and won big with the Saints-Bucs shootout. And they’re now $200,000 richer!